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A Mayor on his knees and under her skirt… Monday, August 6, 2007

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Mirthala Salinas, a Los Angeles television anchor who reported on the mayor’s marital problems without telling viewers she was “the other woman” has been suspended by her Spanish-language network. Salinas, 35, was having the relationship with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa when SHE (Salinas) announced the news of his separation from his wife of 20 years on the local Telemundo station.

and then…

For the first time since admitting the affair that broke up his 20-year marriage, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on Saturday publicly talked about asking for forgiveness, using a religious rally attended by 7,500 former gang members and ex-drug users on the south lawn of City Hall to express faith in a “loving, forgiving God.”

We have to acknowledge that this is part funny in that, no red flags went up for Ms. Salinas or the producers of the newcast that this might not have been a good idea, even if she was just reading the “lead-in” ( the introduction to the next story segment).

Either, someone is out to ruin this young lady for good by not making her aware that this “lead-in” was coming up thus orchestrating her ultimate downfall( insert evil laugh here) or these folks are just not smart. This blog wont address whether or not the Mayor should have had an affair with this woman and she, keep her job due the nature of her position and their relationship but rather address the the spin as a result.

No one ever asks the publicist until it’s too late and they must fix the mess so, here goes.

Pretty much no good can be spun from this story. How does a mayor justify an affair? Especially, one so messy and executed so stupidly? yuck! He doesn’t. The best thing to do is distract. It seems the press secretary for the Mayor found a way to divert this story somewhere else that may not have gotten any or as much attention. If a photo opp with 7,500 former gang members all asking for forgiveness and change is not brilliant, it certainly doesnt get any better.

Prescription: When all else fails, say your are Sorry so loud it’s too much to miss and maybe, just maybe people will forget what you did.


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