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Don’t tell Daddy I’m in Love with Barack Tuesday, August 7, 2007

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Caroline Giuliani, 17, who is said to be estranged from her dad(Rudy), registered on the Facebook Web site for an Obama network called “Barack Obama (One Million Strong for Barack).” Caroline – who created her page on the social-networking site without using her last name – lists her political views as “liberal.  “It was unclear when the Harvard-bound Trinity HS grad linked up with Obama’s Facebook network, but she dropped out of it at about 6 a.m. yesterday after Slate, an online magazine, asked her about her membership.  It’s the latest family drama to hit Giuliani as he campaigns nationwide, closely watched by the conservative voters who dominate GOP primaries.

Joannie Danielides, a spokeswoman for Caroline’s mother, Donna Hanover, downplayed the apparent support of Obama.

Prescription: It could be a real problem if you are running for president and it seems your own family wouldn’t vote for you. Ouch!

Kudos to Danielides for her swift kill of this news item that could have really spun out of control. Apparently, she gave a statement to the media that was chopped up and used for quotes. She rightfully acknowledges that Rudy’s daughter did have a facebook account but immediately paints the picture that this is really not a big deal and that in fact, there may not even be a story here because she had this facebook account BEFORE the presidential campaign got under way. What is brilliant here is that Danielides doesn’t leave it at that, because then we all could say, ” If that is the case then why didn’t she change or update her page once she knew her dad was running for president?” hmmmmmm. This would make Caroline Giuliani open to further scrutiny on her views and spark a real comparison between Barack  and Giuliani. The odds are it would probably look like Caroline was leaning more toward Barack. So, Danielides sums up what we are all thinking before we can even say it. “Caroline added herself to a list on Facebook as an expression of interest in certain principles,” Danielides said.

Doesn’t that make you feel warm and fuzzy? Sounds to me like this young Caroline is a smart little cookie. Because, shouldn’t we all vote on the right candidate based on principles and not popularity or because we are related to them?

And for the final little spank on Caroline Giuliani’s bottom, Danielides adds, “It was not intended as an indication of support in a presidential campaign, and she has removed it.” Which really means, this story is over and Caroline, folks are trying to get a guy elected, don’t make me have to clean up after you again.

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