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R. Kelly Hires the “White” Johnnie Cochran? Wednesday, August 22, 2007

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When big shots get in trouble in Chicago, often as not, they call Ed Genson.

Some call him a magician in the courtroom. Others say a better word might be barracuda.

Either way, the 61-year-old Genson has emerged as one of the top criminal defense lawyers in the city, and maybe the best known.

Whether it’s Grammy-winning R&B singer R. Kelly or friends and aides to scandal-plagued former Gov. George Ryan, the high and mighty regularly seek out Genson when they’re trying to save their careers and avoid jail.

Attorneys say his face at the defense table makes prosecutors nervous. He doesn’t always beat them. But they always know they’re in for a fight.
A judge ruled Tuesday (August 21) that the videotape in the R. Kelly child pornography trial can be shown in full when the proceedings begin this September. Cook County Circuit Judge Vince Gaughan said the tape was key evidence in the prosecutors’ case, rebutting the argument by Kelly’s lawyers that the tape would unfairly bias the jury against him.

Additionally, the prosecution wants to bring in an expert to compare vein patterns in R. Kelly’s hands with the hands of the man in the tape, to prove he is indeed Kelly. The defense decried this motion as faulty science, not comparable to matching fingerprints. The judge has postponed a ruling on whether the veins argument will be allowed in court.

Prescription: Doesn’t this case bring back memories of Johnnie Cochran and OJ? Impossible odds and an attorney with unbreakable confidence.  Sometimes the  best PR strategy is to take the spotlight off the star and shine it on the back-up singers. Or, in this case Ed Genson.  Seems R. Kelly is not going to bump and grind his way out of a conviction. He’s lining up the best people for a great show we all plan to watch.

 If the veins don’t match, this case could be a wrap!

I think R. Kelly is going to get off. What do you think?

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3 Responses to “R. Kelly Hires the “White” Johnnie Cochran?”

  1. Quita Says:

    I think “R” is headed for the big house. Wonder if they’ll let him record a song from his cell? Either way, I’m feeling this blog. 🙂


  2. tanita Says:

    I thought this was over? By the time they convict or not, homegirl will be a grown woman! Perhaps a reunion remix video will appear with him holding up her now-over-18 driver’s ID…

  3. soulsanctified Says:

    Kellz just might pull a Nancy Kerrigan and skate his way out of this one, but with that video tape being introduced as evidence……..The funny thing is if he DOES go to jail he’ll probably drop a new song called “Trapped in the Big House”.

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