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Foxy Brown Joins Paris Hilton Jail Tour, Baby in her Bag Thursday, August 23, 2007

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   It’s the hottest ticket in town. A front row seat in the media pit to watch celebrities like Paris Hilton, Naomi Campbell and Nicole Richie go to jail. Get your tickets now for the Foxy Brown show. Clubbing someone with a Blackberry, driving with a few drinks in ya, or even a few drugs in your system is hardly enough to get quality media attention anymore. 

An heiress in handcuffs, a supermodel sweeping trash. Even Nicole Richie tried to top them all by getting pregnant with a “little Richie” after her “eating disorder”. But no celebrity can top going deaf and loosing your hearing…for a little while….I said, no celebrity can top LOSING YOUR HEARING, assault, getting married and getting pregnant as you go off to jail.  

Now Foxy did get some media attention when she lost her hearing but it was mostly from hip hop and music press.  The story didn’t really move the dial with mainstream media. Until now.

Foxy’s lawyer sums up today’s prescription for spin with a great quote that  breaks down all the elements one might need to get the media’s attention if you are trying to promote a new project. He said “… Brown is three months’ pregnant….(she) has turned her life around with her pregnancy, wedding plans and deals for a new album and reality television show.”   His quote sums up the recipe for a Ratings Pie and juicy content for the Foxy Brown reality show.  And, apparently it tastes really good.  Going to jail can be now be considered part of one’s PR strategy.  According to google news there are 827 new stories reporting on this including CNN. 

When you hear about a celebrity heading to jail does it make you more or less interested in them? 

Read the story here:



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