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Battle of the Black Blogs: Mediatakeout.com vs. Bossip.com Saturday, August 25, 2007

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According to Wikipedia, a PUBLICITY STUNT is a planned event designed to attract the public’s attention to the promoters or their causes. PR stunts are great ways to drive sales, increase viewers or… attract advertisers.

In today’s webisode of I Love My Publicist we look at what seems to be a fairly new online magazine called Expozure.com that posted an “exclusive in-depth interview” with Fred (no last name given in the story), founder and creator of Mediatakeout.com.

In the article, Fred gives up some big numbers about his site and really expo(z)es how he feels about his competitor Bossip.com.

“They aint got nothing on us. They cant mess with us! Man we have 80 million page views in a month. When you start talking 80 million page views, that’s not black blog numbers, that’s New York times, USA Today, that’s not black blogs numbers. Not even the white blogs can mess with us.”

The interview with Fred gives insight as to how MediaTakeOut.com gets it’s exclusive content and closes with some very interesting reader comments. The comments are angry and suggest that the person conducting the interview isn’t even a journalist and that the story is riddled with typehoes. I mean typos. It also suggests that MediaTakeOut.com lies about their juicy scoops setting up Bossip.com for an inevitable rebuttal.

Now USUALLY, when publicists allow their clients to be interviewed “exclusively” they pick the media outlet with the highest circulation and biggest demographic that suits their client. According to the comments, Expozure.com doesn’t seem to have been around too long.

Is this all just gossip or an attempt to take somebody out?



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