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Why Lindsay Lohan LOVES her Publicist! Sunday, August 26, 2007

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 Lindsay rehab

What looks to be a great strategy from Lindsay Lohan’s publicist, Leslie Sloane, photographers who used to catch her clubbing were invited to snap away at her NEW pursuits: Reading, writing in a journal, working at a nearby supermarket, and caring for horses as part of her “equine therapy,” according to OK! magazine. It seems as though the starlet staged a campaign for an easy sentencing in the days leading up to her scheduled Aug. 24 arraignment.

On the same day that prosecutors filed seven misdemeanor drunken driving and cocaine possession charges against her, the 21-year old actress reached a plea deal that calls for her to spend one day in jail, serve 10 days of community service and complete a drug-treatment program. Moments after her plea deal was announced, Lohan released a statement to the media through her publicist in which she confirmed her substance abuse.

According to Lawrence Taylor, a Los Angeles lawyer who deals exclusively with DUI cases, Lohan’s punishment could have been far more severe — anywhere from 96 hours to 12 months in jail.

“She got off fairly easily,”Taylor said. “Ten days community service counts as 10 days jail, plus the one day she’s doing which she probably has credit for having spent those few hours in jail after the arrest.”

Do you think someone who was not famous would have gotten the same deal?

Read the full story here:


Photo Credit: OK! Magazine


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