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Senator sues GOD, takes Almighty to Court Thursday, September 20, 2007

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This file photo from April 12, 2006, shows Sen. Ernie Chambers of Omaha during debate in the legislative chamber in Lincoln, Neb. Saying that God has caused 'fearsome floods ... horrendous hurricanes, terrifying tornadoes,' Nebraska's longest-serving state senator says he is suing the Almighty to make a legal point.(AP Photo/Nati  Harnik, file)  

AP Photo

State Sen. Ernie Chambers sued God last week. Angered by another lawsuit he considers frivolous, Chambers says he’s trying to make the point that anybody can file a lawsuit against anybody.

Chambers says in his lawsuit that God has made terroristic threats against the senator and his constituents, inspired fear and caused “widespread death, destruction and terrorization of millions upon millions of the Earth’s inhabitants.”

The Omaha senator, who skips morning prayers during the legislative session and often criticizes Christians, also says God has caused “fearsome floods … horrendous hurricanes, terrifying tornadoes.”

He’s seeking a permanent injunction against the Almighty.

Prescription:  Doesn’t the fan in the in the background look like a halo? Now if he could get the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to testify this might be the most highly covered case the media has seen yet.

Read the story here:



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