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Singers’ Beef with Essence Is Really About Being Black Monday, September 24, 2007

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      KeKe Wyatt 

                                                                    KeKe Wyatt /photo credit:EURweb

Keke Wyatt is not happy with Essence.com following her Q&A that appeared last month to promote her new album, “Ghetto Rose.”The 25-year-old Indianapolis native vents her frustration with the article, and claims she was “badly misquoted” when the discussion turned toward her biracial background. Many readers were also offended by Wyatt’s reference to black people as “they” and reference to her straight locks as “pretty hair.” Actual quotes from the article reads as follows:

No, I’m not all Black, but I definitely stand up for the Black people. They’ve had it rough, they can’t help the fact that they’re skin is dark, or that their nose is a lil’ wider or that the curls in their hair might be tighter.I don’t think that it’s fair for people who look like me—the light skin, pointy nose and pretty hair—to think that dark-complected people are any less than them.

My best friends are Black—I mean, Black-Black…

Prescription: Now folks may not remember that Keke stabbed her husband back in 2002. Though it may be a coincidence, at the time sales of Wyatt’s debut album, Soul Sista, increased after the singer’s arrest.

The drama with Essence is perfectly timed to the release of her new album “Ghetto Rose”.   And while a rose is still a rose, church attendance and drama alone does not sell records. A little ignorance might get you a number one single. Wyatt explains to EUR’s Lee Bailey how she was misquoted in the response, as well as in other passages throughout the essence.com article.

Listen to her response here: http://www.eurweb.com/story/eur37014.cfm


3 Responses to “Singers’ Beef with Essence Is Really About Being Black”

  1. You know she needs to get it together. If I cared I’d mail her publicist that book!

  2. brian Says:

    where was the misquote? was it when she referred to us as they! or that she have many many black friends. because fair skin and a pointed nose or pretty hair don’t make you white.

  3. melania Says:

    This girl sounds so stupid. Its a shame that becoming a singer does not require at least a GED. Black people need to really wise up and stop w/this intra racism crap. Lightskinned, brownskinned, darkskinned and everything in between, we’re all still Black—dummy!

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