I love My Publicist

The Prescription for Spin

About Monday, July 30, 2007

Publicists. You’ll see them behind stars like Tom Cruise, Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx with a cell phone in hand, bobbing and weaving when photographers are near to keep their clients on the front page and themselves out of the spotlight.

Publicists don’t just dwell in Hollywood, they are the gas driving personal image and public persona in every aspect of the news and in every industry from music to fashion, sports, politics and more. They stop the bleeding from bad publicity; psych up their clients to come out swinging for a big movie role, a magazine cover, an award or for an important cause. These days publicity is becoming like politics. The spinners and handlers are getting more attention than ever before, sometimes as much as their clients–and people are realizing that fame and a good corporate image isn’t something that happens accidentally. It takes a good publicist.

Publicists are the new “Must Have”. If all it took for the world to know your name was a publicist, it’s easy to see why someone would love them.

I Love My Publicist looks at the “spin” and the “spinners” of day-to- day “hot” stories. Moral issues are not addressed and intentionally avoided. It’s more about how an action, or comment made by a public figure makes a story become news and plays out over and over in the day or weekly news cycle.

And while this site showcases a profession and individuals that make the world go round, I hope to provide a unique take on how brand and name recognition move quickly online, on television, in print and in every possible media platform with an entertaining, bold voice.




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