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Why Britney HOPES She Loses Those Kids Tuesday, October 2, 2007

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 An Associated Press story said that Britney Spears lost custody of her children because she failed to produce a California driver’s license and allegedly missed a drug and alcohol test, her lawyer said in a magazine report.

“We weren’t able to prove compliance with what the judge ordered,” attorney Sorrell Trope told People magazine.

“Specifically,” he said, “the judge ordered that by 10 a.m. (Monday) morning, both parties show valid California driving licenses. I’ve been unable to produce evidence of that.”

Prescription: Whoopi Goldberg said on the view this morning that Britney has been “Britney Spears” for so long that she doesn’t know how to take care of herself or her kids because she has been taking care of others, including KFED for a long time. So long that she has come to realize that she may not be cut out for motherhood.

There is another part to that. Besides all her “staged” encounters with the paparazzi ( which usually in the past worked to her advantage) Brit-Brit is at her wits ends on how to get back to being “Britney Spears” again. Think about it. Nothing has been working. Not the half naked photo shoots, driving with her kids in her lap or even opening the MTV awards. Losing her kids, will in fact be the best thing for her career. Why? Because the rehab (Paris), jail (Nicole), Baby (Nicole), out of control actress (Lindsey) thing as already been done.

Her career is dangling by the last strand of her bad weave and losing her kids could provide the most original comeback story to date.

You heard it here first.